A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made and released early 2011, and then updated with added functionality/features in 2012. It's a short and ambient knytt-style 2D platformer, with a purposefully unclear goal. Meander and explore this tiny little world suspended in perpetual dusk.

Contact: Twitter - ashton.bahnmiller@gmail.com

Install instructions

If you play indie games you probably know the drill -- unzip then run the executable. This game only runs on Windows machines.


Lonely Dreamer v2.1.zip 20 MB


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This was a lovely little game! It's a very pure-feeling zen platformer. I loved the ambiance, it gave me chills at some points. Definitely saw the heavy Knytt influence. It might have taken me around two hours to beat due to the secret areas being hard to find, but I didn't mind one bit, I was happy to spend more time in this little world. Well done! My only beef was that it would be better if fullscreen mode used nearest-neighbor scaling rather than anti-aliasing, but you may be at the mercy of whatever engine you used :)